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Trip Features

Trip Features

Our tours are both educational and fun. With just one telephone call, we can arrange every detail of your tour. We arrange both overnight and day trips throughout the year for skiing, dude ranches, amusement parks, historical sites in various cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, or Washington DC, and much more. We provide customized itineraries along with eye-catching flyers to help publicize your trip.

Tri-State's extensive trip planning experience allows us to offer exciting and unusual variations for your trip. One popular option for School Bands is the opportunity to perform at popular locations, such as by the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. We can arrange for weekend getaways right from the prom.


    All Tri-State Tours use fully insured, deluxe, lavatory equipped motor coaches with reclining seats and climate control.

Tour Escorts

    All Tr-State Tours are escorted by personable and knowledgeable tour directors.

Deluxe Accommodations

    We use first class hotels that are equipped with private bath, air conditioning, and television. Most hotels have an indoor pool and game room. Prices listed are based on quad occupancy unless otherwise specified.


    Restaurants are of the finest quality, which feature menu selections or an all-you-can eat buffet.

No Hidden Cost

    All admissions, gratuities and taxes for hotel, restaurants, and bus drivers are included in tour prices.

Liability Insurance

    Tri-State Tours carries a one million-dollar liability insurance policy that completely covers group leaders, chaperones, and your organization.

Complimentary Trips

    All overnight tours will receive two complimentary trips at double occupancy for each bus filled with the minimum amount. All day trips include four complimentary trips for each bus filled with the minimum amount.

Minimum Amount

    Prices are based on a minimum of forty(40) paying passengers per bus, for overnight packages, and a minimum of forty-five(45) paying passengers for our day tours.


    In addition to having a fun-filled, busy day, all trips include optional evening activities so that you will be fully satisfied with your tour.

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